10 Best Bootstrap UI Kits for Layouts Customization

It is possible to create some amazing stuff using bootstrap. Browsing the web, you will discover hundreds of add-ons, code snippets as well as starter templates to assist you to create an amazing layout.
Nevertheless, the standard bootstrap designs are annoying and overused. You can spice it up with custom UI package.
You will be working on bootstrap and simultaneously remaking your website with a distinctive look. These combinations should make you get started along with some unique bootstrap UI kit for the amazing custom you want.

Flatto UI Kit


It’s hard to get User Interface kits that work with the mobile interface. Flatto user interface kit is spectacular. Sliding Hamburger menus, title bars and back buttons are some of the mobile user interface constituents you’ll find when you look at a prototype page.
The outlook design patterns are great and exceptional compared to other kits. If you want a blend of web and mobile style running on Bootstraps, check Flatto UI kit out.

Bootstrap Material Design


If you have been following trending news on designs, you’ll understand that material design’s a big thing. Combining bootstrap with the material design is a better method to use to your advantages. Many designers had similar thinking and Bootstrap was built with material design.
This innovation allows you to speedily prototype apps for material webs using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML which all run on a Bootstrap Base. Full access is granted to you for the custom code library, BS3 Sass mixings and constituent, which have restyled for slides of material design. Google’s pattern design is really good if you are into it.

Drunken Parrot Lite


The name Drunken Parrot can be very vague; you can’t guess what it’s meant for just by the name. But the drunken Parrot Lite is quite interesting with a lot of incredible gears for use; it is free. The PSD kit is accompanied by the CSS code in other for you to create your outlook. The layout is natural, and it functions on most websites. It has free versions (free kit) with fewer features and premium version that had all features. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try out the version that is free; it has a unique and amazing design compared to others.

Get Shit Done


There are a lot of crazy freebies created by groups for design section. Get shit done seem to be one of a kind UI kit for Bootstrap.
With over Forty thousand downloads, Get shit Done UI also gets updated concerning the changes to Bootstrap library. You can see a prototype to check how all constituents’ functions together. It’s a fantastic design that looks dissimilar from Bootstrap. It seems like a custom user interface kit on its own.

Flat UI


The tools of designmodo’s UI provide an unusual flat pattern with the bootstrap. This comes as a segment of designmodos’ depository of resources, plenty of which deal with capital. Flat UI nevertheless is more like the free version. There are custom patterns and designs for everything such as the tabbed widget, checkboxes, form field, on/off switches.

Metro UI



This is another new design language which works on window designs with a flat sheet for interface components. Also known as Microsoft metro style. Using Metro UI, you will get unrestricted access to customizable components for bootstrap layout. They are efficient and easy to use. You will notice from the example page that the project navigation resembles that of bootstrap navigation having pages for CSS styles and components.




This UI Kit is similar to the material design nevertheless lacking the entire material-y package.
Bootstrap is perhaps the clearest CSS kit that you can obtain. It performs it jobs with the most recent version of the boot Bootstrap 3.x possibly revised for the recently developed bS4.
Using boot flat you have total entry to every page component and element; in addition to this, it works in every crucial browser with heritage assistance originating from IE8.

Also, it comes with an unobstructed PSD of every boot flat components. You can utilize this for Photoshop design mockup without the application of the code.

Design Blocks


The design blocks of fraola’s block kit perform in a unique pattern than many. This acts on small block components for pages using bootstrap. Therefore it is as open source depository of the BS3 or BS4 code elements.
These blocks are mere custom page component with various styles. Such as navigation menus, headers, form footers with a lot of other stuff.
This performs well for creating a widgeted bootstrap interface, but it is not a coherence theme. Nevertheless a fantastic project and free.

Now UI Kit



This is another beautiful User Interface tool procreated by creative Tim. Using this kit, you’ll have a variety of fantastic features and also a stellar beauty. New, yet this is designed categorically for BS4.
You may not have seen the BS3 type of the kit, therefore it only for the latest version of the bootstrap. You can depict this since it got so many followers and more than twenty thousand downloads within a year.
Furthermore, it has a live page for preview displaying the entire custom component such as the checkboxes, navigation menus, and tabs and so on.
The note creative time runs this as fermium kit, it also has a professional version with many additional components, nevertheless if you do not want the additional stuff you should use the free edition.




Presently the availity user interface is designed for every BS3 outlooks. Nevertheless, with the release of bootstrap’s beta version, it is more likely that there will be an updated version of Availity to buttress BS4 too.

It is a small framework, ampersand it is with an exceptional design. It copies many of bootstraps’ traits like the semi three dimensions and gradient on buttons and also remodeling them intended for a new twist.

Much more about the component page can be seen in the availity documentation.Custom js script and icon web fonts are inclusive of extra packages.
Availity is not the most fantastic user interface kits for bootstrap though, but it comprehensive enough with assistance for all the page components.

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