10 Inspiring Admin Dashboard Layouts

Creating a professional looking dashboard for your website or app needn’t be expensive. Thanks to this collection of the best free Bootstrap admin templates you should be able to find a suitable user interface (UI) toolkit for your project.

All of these tools include at least one pre-built dashboard homepage template that can be customized and used as the foundation for your own project. While creating your custom dashboard, you can choose from the selection of components, elements, and cards available in the template packs.

Adding charts, graphics, buttons, alerts, and tables are just some of the features you can add to your admin pages. Some templates include animation effects and other UI elements to help make your dashboard more attractive. They’re also all mobile responsive so they should work on large and small screen displays. However, thanks to the online demos, you can try them for yourself on your choice of devices to see if they meet your requirements.

For those getting started though, this collection of the best free admin templates will help you launch your project without any financial investment required.

Ample Admin

Ample Admin is the free-to-use version of the popular Ample Admin Pro bootstrap admin template.

If you’re looking for a free Bootstrap admin template for a personal project, then Ample Admin could be just what you need. This modern handcrafted template includes seven page templates to help you add the essential areas to your dashboard as well as create a useful 404 error page. You’ll also find 10 UI components for adding useful content to your pages, including chat listings, recent comments panels, graphs, charts, and tables.

Ample Admin also provides you with a good selection of Font Awesome icons to help you illustrate your dashboard designs. Example icons you can make use of include spinner and loader icons, form control, currency, directional, and medical icons to name just a few. You’ll also find a useful set of brand icons covering sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Slack. As they’re all mobile responsive, like the rest of your dashboard, these icons will look great on a range of devices and screen sizes.

Google Maps integration is included with the free Ample Admin Bootstrap admin template, making it easy to add interactive maps to your dashboards. You can see how this works for yourself in the live preview of this free admin template on the Ample Admin homepage.

If you like the look of Ample Admin, but need more features and want to use it on a commercial project, then be sure to check out Ample Admin Pro.

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Edmin has a good selection of dashboard features and templates to help you add an admin area to your project.

From the main admin dashboard template, your logged in visitors can view any charts you’d like to add to this area. You can also add interactive tables representing your data that your users can filter and search.

From the main dashboard, your visitors can click through to the other optional Edmin templates. Depending on how you set up your dashboard, the next step in the user journey could be checking out the news feed to find the latest updates and information. Jumping to the inbox template is another option, as is heading to the interactive task list.

The library of elements makes it easy to add helpful icons to your user interface. The selection of buttons gives you a good amount of options for adding clickable elements to your pages. Forms can be added too, through the core functionality of the Edmin admin template. The pre-built content templates give you a straightforward way of adding user profile, login, and user listing pages to your site.

Adding dropdown menus to your pages is all part of the standard functionality of Edmin. You can also use notification alerts to let your users know when new messages are available or actions need to be taken. The useful search feature should make it easy for your logged in visitors to find exactly what they are looking for in the admin dashboard area.

Overall, the free Edmin admin template has a professional looking user interface based on the popular flat design style.

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Brilliant has a simple design that can be invigorated thanks to the included animation effects.

With a set of optional animation effects to make use of, Brilliant gives you a straightforward way to add some movement to your dashboard, especially when rendering charts and graphs. When it comes to visualizing data in your dashboard, you can take advantage of both the morris.js and Charts.js support to add attractive graphs and charts to your admin areas. Line, bar, area, polar, radar, pie, and donut charts can be easily added to your dashboard, complete with the mentioned eye-catching animation effects. If displaying data in interesting and intuitive ways is a core requirement of your dashboard, Brilliant could be the free Bootstrap admin panel template you’re looking for.

Brilliant has more to offer than just pretty charts though. The options for creating tables are well covered, with the ability to add sortable, searchable, colorful, and responsive tables to your pages. When it comes to adding the panels to your dashboard pages, Brilliant gives you a good selection of presentation options to choose from. Panels can easily have colored headers and footers, while adding collapsible elements to them isn’t a problem either. Support for using tabs in your panels is included too.

If you need to add working forms to your admin areas, Brilliant makes that possible as well. There’s a good selection of input options to work with, including checkboxes, dropdown menus, and even file upload fields. Although Brilliant is free to use, by paying a small fee you can gain access to the premium support service and unlock a few extra features of this useful Bootstrap admin template.

If you’re looking for a free dashboard template then Brilliant has some great features that might be of interest to you.

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Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin is another feature-rich Bootstrap admin template that’s completely free for use on personal and commercial projects.

If you open up the live preview of Matrix Admin, you’ll quickly see that this admin template has been inspired by the metro design style. Thanks to this, the solid colored blocks of the user interface make it easy for your users to see exactly what areas of the dashboard they can access. If you do decide to build your admin area with Matrix Admin, they’ll be plenty of different pages and elements they can access.

Depending on the needs of your project and how you choose to use Matrix Admin, you’ll have the freedom to add a range of charts to your custom dashboard. In fact, this free template has some interesting animation effects that can be applied to any line charts you’re implementing. Thanks to this real-time chart element, you can keep your users up to date with the latest changes to your data. You’re free to set the time between updates, effectively changing how fast your line chart scrolls. If this feature sounds like it would be useful for your dashboard, you can see an example of it in action on the live demo page.

As well as the charts and graphs, other widgets you can add to your dashboard pages include the recent posts panel, an interactive to do list, and a few other statistics-based widgets. There’s also an abundance of buttons and icons to make use of, as well as badges, boxes, bars, and alerts.

Matrix Admin provides a wealth of admin dashboard features all packaged up in a stylish metro-inspired design.

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Shoppy is a free dashboard template with a strong focus on ecommerce related projects.

The default Shoppy configuration and layout will give you or your users a great insight into your app or online store. With widgets presenting the number of registered users and daily visitors on the main dashboard, you can instantly display some key metrics with this free dashboard UI kit.

However, as this is a free ecommerce Bootstrap admin template, there are some useful components for displaying important online shop related data. This information covers sales figures and total revenue, with a range of presentation options to choose from. There’s even a map widget that projects global sales onto an animated world map.

Other ways to present data include the selection of charts you can make use of. Doughnut, line, polar, and pie are just some of the types of charts you can use in your admin area pages. Like many of the most popular free Bootstrap admin templates, you can choose from a range of buttons and icons for your user interface. There are also some pre-formatted portlets that are ideal for displaying useful information to your users. The Google Maps integration should help you display interactive maps in your dashboards, while the mailbox templates will come in handy if you want your admin area to including a messaging system.

Shoppy has everything you need to create a useful mobile responsive dashboard for your ecommerce store or app.

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Target achieves a fully modern look thanks to being inspired by the Google Material Design handbook.

Built with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3, Target offers clean and developer-friendly code to ensure you’re able to customize this free admin template as much as necessary. However, thanks to the great looking layouts and templates, Target provides a good starting point for your app or website dashboard area.

Not only does the style and appearance of the Target dashboard template draw heavily on the Material Design approach to UI creation, but this dashboard kit also integrates with the Google Fonts repository for maximum typography options. Font Awesome integration is on hand too, providing you with a large and growing library of stylish icons for your designs.

As you’d expect from a modern and competitive dashboard UI kit, Target has some great looking widgets for displaying charts and graphs to your audience. As the free version of Target is powered by JavaScript and jQuery, these charts can display data in a range of different ways with lots of useful additional features. As well as graphs, other UI elements you can add to your admin pages include simple and animated progress bars, a selection of buttons, message boxes, and more. Pre-built tabs and panels are included in the Target package, giving you an easy way to add stylish and interactive cards to your dashboard. If you need to add tables and forms to your admin areas, you’ll be well catered for with this option.

Target has a stylish design that will instantly give your admin area a professional appearance.

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Monster Admin

Monster Admin is an impressive free Bootstrap admin template that is the lite version of the popular Monster Admin Pro.

Despite the Pro version of this template having lots to offer, Monster Admin lite could still be a good choice for your project. If you do choose Monster Admin for your admin pages, your dashboards will feature a highly professional design and appearance. The overall style is best described as being a minimalist UI kit, but with enough elements to avoid looking plain and uninspiring. However, the design of Monster Admin will never overshadow the main features of your app or website.

The content widgets are a great example of how the content from your website or app can be used inside your dashboard. By displaying the featured images from articles and posts on your website in your admin pages, you can present visual content to your users. Other useful features that make up the free version of the Monster Admin Bootstrap templates include the user profile panels which display the personal details of the user along with a photograph.

Google Maps, tables, and charts and graphs can all be added to your custom admin page designs, as can icons and buttons. In fact, thanks to the Font Awesome integration, the Material Design inspired icons will look great on almost any device, from high-resolution retina displays through to small screen smartphones. If you choose Monster Admin, you’ll also find a good set of pre-defined color combinations to apply to your pages.

Monster Admin lite could provide you with everything needed to create a custom dashboard for your project with the option of upgrading should your needs grow in the future.

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Robust Lite

Robust takes its cues from the Material Design handbook, at least in terms of the appearance of this free set of dashboard templates.

The design of Robust is certainly modern and fully up to date. The colors all work well together, while the minimal shading that’s applied to the cards helps break up some of the monotony that totally flat UI kits can suffer from. Robust also uses animation effects to add some life to its designs, without ever overusing them. The ways graphs load as they come into view is a great example of this effect being put to good use.

For a free Bootstrap admin template, it’s nice to see two main dashboard layouts included in the package. Both options do an effective job of showing off the best widgets and overall design available to anyone who chooses Robust as the admin panel for their project. Exploring the demo further reveals the selection of cards that can be added to your pages. Some examples include the different tile card designs; the content cards that can be used to display lists, carousels, and videos; and the form cards. Data can be presented using the statistics and charts cards as well.

All the essential admin dashboard components are included too, with tabs, tooltips, popovers, buttons, alerts, and more to choose from. Each component type is available in multi-variations, which should save you the trouble of having to customize them to ensure they match your design preferences.

Robust has a surprisingly large feature list making it a great choice for anyone who wants a free admin template without having to compromise.

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AdminBSB features a colorful design by default but you can easily customize the appearance to match your project.

The free AdminBSB Bootstrap dashboard kit is based on the popular Material Design style from Google. However, in contrast to some of the other Material Design inspired admin templates, AdminBSB has a bold and colorful appearance. Tiles with solid background colors are in use on the main demo, ensuring your dashboard area will stand out and create a memorable impression on your users.

When it comes to the cards that you can add to your custom dashboard, AdminBSB doesn’t disappoint. Options include graphs with optional real-time updates, tables with multiple embedded elements, and a range of alert cards that display important messages and notifications. You can see examples of these cards on the AdminBSB online demo, including a good demonstration of how the animation effects can be used to make your dashboard more visually appealing.

As well as the card color animation effects that are activated when the mouse cursor moves over an item, you can also add animated counters to your custom dashboard UI. Icons can be animated too, giving your admin pages an interactive feel as your users navigate their way around the dashboard.

Other popular UI elements are included in the free package, with buttons, badges, range sliders, and multiple list and table styles available.  Animated chart functionality is on hand to help you present data in different formats, including line, bar, donut, and area charts. Maps from Google, Yandex, and jVector can also be inserted into your admin pages.

AdminBSB is supported by a full set of helpful online documentation to ensure you can make the most of this free admin toolkit.

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DashGum has everything you should need to launch a custom admin panel for your online service or app.

With a pre-built dashboard homepage that includes many of the best features of DashGum, you’ll have a good foundation to work from. Whether you simply want to rearrange the core DashGum components or create your own custom layout, this is a flexible free admin template. Some of the UI elements you can use include progress bars with optional animated designs, alert panels, badges, buttons, labels, and icons. There’s also a good selection of panel styles too.

When it comes to components, the DashGum features provide the tools for adding a calendar to your dashboard as well as a media gallery section. There’s also an interactive to do list builder that can be customized to match your project branding. Data table and chart options aren’t in short supply either, with a few different ways to present data inside your dashboard areas.

DashGum should provide everything needed for basic projects. However, if you like what you see but have more demanding requirements, the Pro version of DashGum could be a good option. For just a few dollars, you could unlock extra features, such as more page templates, additional plugins, and new reusable UI components. However, the free version of DashGum is a well-rounded toolkit that gives you more than enough to get started with.

If you choose DashGum for your project, you’ll have access to a good set of features all wrapped up in a professional design.

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