15 Fresh Be Pre-Built Sites for Smaller Businesses

There are ups, and down for being a freelancer, even though you are free, you can face some problems that those who work in the office don’t experience.

There are deadlines, and some can be acute, while some are unexpected. When your sole aim is to finish a significant amount of work in a short time, there are things that you have to do to make it happen.
Make an advantage of the newest BE theme pre-built website.
The pre-built website has been created to assist in doing a high amount of work in no time. They comprise the fastest  and automatic installer in the market as shown in the brief video.Pre-built website helps preserve time by ensuring that you skip basics such as coding, wireframing, prototyping, etc.

Examples of 15 prebuilt websites

Be Craftbeer

The large image on every page of this prebuilt website assists in showcasing your items for sale the more. The apparent parallax is used well with the effect of JavaScript.

Be eLearning

If you have a fast-growing online business using defectively designed website will be humiliation on your product. Try this fantastic-looking easy to browse, and you are good to go.

Be Tiles

The inside of this pre-built website is fantastic with the items for sale in the middle and also in the background. The design is state of the art and could have been done by the architect.

Be Artist

Do you want to give your website a more contemporary look? The templates of the prebuilt webpage will assist you with that. You can also leave it to default dark color.

Be Burger

If you are into the catering services or you make the burger, this is the website for you. Its amazing designs help it to stand out and transform the user.

Be Sport Clubs

The characteristic of this prebuilt website is what every fitness or health facility what to spend money on. There are also nice fades that are in the form of animation and even parallax effects that add to the stylish look.

Be Hotel 2

This is precisely for hotels, motels, guest houses and so on. The amazing hero image with super messages which would make a viewer wants to make reservations. All important sections such as gallery, Cost Location.

Be Restaurants

Just as the above mentioned prebuilt website. Be restaurants brilliant design is more stylish and enterprising with a clear slider effect. Only a few of out of much website restaurant design can be compared to this.

Be Architect

Saying that this provides an excellent user encounter for website design is nothing short of an understatement. It is created around various prospects and an inventive of an element of design to generate a captivating experience.

Be boutique

The backdrop video in the hero segment of this prebuilt website used to appreciable effect. The edifice of the of the site is exactly what you need to acquire to build a captivating portfolio.


A corporate website, for example, the IT business website should have an enticing look. It is a methodized and scrupulous such as you would find in tech sites, but the human element is included.

Be Oculist

Spending too much time in from of your computer might lead you to the ophthalmologist. The website that is designed in this category span from being dull and tedious to being horrific that can be averted with this prebuilt website.

Be Furniture

The amazing design and extraordinary slideshows will be a much choice if you have a client that deals with furniture. This prebuilt design use large images and painstakingly designed layout that makes your work effortless.

Be Car

The hero image bear with its style and luxury.The numerous with space adds to the style .nevertheless the layout provides plenty of chances to portray your message.

Be Tea

If you want to work on tea shop website, this is an amazing way to start your project. Take a careful look at the brilliant interaction between the black menu, the image and the typography altogether which gives the website a high-quality look which makes it look amazing.

Set up and maintain a regular schedule

One can easily relent while working when not under strict supervision, even after having a schedule for work. It is pertinent for a freelancer, to create a work schedule and he/she should make sure he sticks to it
The needs of the home have to be considered to avoid possible conflict, though it may take some weeks to get it into place. It is important to include breaks in the schedule.

Set out boundaries between work and home Life

One of the problems that a freelancer faces is making up his mind how to keep work habit from mixing up with home life, and this negatively affects productivity. There two effective ways one can challenge this problem.
Number one: one should set out a different space for work.
Number Two: make yourself inaccessible during your work hours, and don does not belay your work when you were working on something. It will not be difficult for to continue your work where you stop.

Make it a habit of taking regular breaks

The human brain needs rest, and you, therefore, need to refresh. The Pomodoro technique can be useful in this instance, where you take periodical working breaks in long working sessions.
15 minutes out of every 40 minutes is not bad, and you might be surprised to see how much work you have done at the end of the day.

In total

  • Try these things
  • Useless time and energy by trying out the 250 plus prebuilt be theme website
  • Draw out a schedule for yourself and follow it religiously
  • Take a review what you have achieved at the end of the day it motivates you
  • Create a workspace for yourself
  • Make sure you are inaccessible during work hours
  • Things you should not do
  • The act of continuing your work immediately after beaks might affect your productivity
  • Trying to isolate you in the name of disturbance is not entirely the best, find peers to chat with.
  • Do not neglect colleagues, clients or bosses.



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