2017’s Best Selling WooCommerce WP Themes

When it comes to creating an online shop, it’s hard to beat WordPress and WooCommerce. Both options are easy to use while also offering impressive levels of functionality. Due to this, there’s now a growing number of WordPress themes that have been created specifically for building ecommerce stores with WooCommerce.

If you’re creating an online store or want to give your existing shop a makeover, this collection of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes will help you find the right design for your project. Among the options, you’ll find designs for a whole range of stores and products. There are themes built for specific purposes as well as good all-rounders that can be used in a number of different ways.

Most of these themes include some kind of page builder tool, giving you the option of customizing the demo content through a drag-and-drop interface. At the very least, you’ll have access to a control panel that makes it easy to change the colors, fonts, and other appearance-related settings of your site.

With WordPress and WooCommerce taking care of the functionality and these themes handling the design, there’s now nothing stopping you from creating a stylish and successful online shop.


Claue is a modern and minimal WooCommerce theme for creating online shops with WordPress.

To help you get the right look for your store, Claue consists of 10 website homepage demos. The designs are suited to a range of different online shops, although clothing, accessories, and fashion related stores are a good match for this WooCommerce theme. You’ll also find a choice of templates for all the inner pages of your ecommerce website.

Importing the demos is easy and once you’ve made a decision, you can start work on your new online shop right away. Although the Claue demo content and templates look great, you can customize any of them through the included Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder. With this tool, you can modify almost every aspect of your website through an intuitive user interface. Simply point and click to start editing and building your custom online shop.

Global site settings can be accessed through the WordPress Customizer interface, giving you the ability to change the colors and typography properties. You can also choose to enable or disable optional features such as lazy loading or infinite scroll to ensure your website works the way that you want.

Claue has everything you’ll need to create a professional online shop. Thanks to features like the product color variation selector, and the ability to offer custom product bundles, your visitors won’t believe you’ve built your online store yourself.

Claue is packed with customization options and features as well as functionality upgrades that will help give your store that professional appearance.

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Eva can be used to create any type of online shop with WordPress but it’s especially well suited to fashion and clothing related ecommerce stores.

If you choose to install the default Eva demo on your WordPress website, your visitors will be greeted by a full screen animated slideshow that can be used to display your best products. The rest of the default homepage layout has been designed to showcase a wide range of products from the different categories on your site.

Thanks to the many ecommerce features you get access to with the Eva WooCommerce WordPress theme, whenever your visitors hover over a product image the display is changed to show additional product images. This feature can do a great job of catching the attention of shoppers, while also giving you a good opportunity to promote your products without having to take a visitor to a new page.

When someone does click through to an individual product page, the shopper can use the slider feature to scroll through the library of product images. Zooming in on the product images is also an option, helping your visitors examine your inventory in more detail. Displaying related products on the individual item pages is easy too, thanks to the built-in algorithm of the Eva ecommerce theme.

Although the default layout and design of Eva look very modern and stylish, there’s a page builder included in the theme package. By opening the demo content in Visual Composer, you can use the drag-and-drop user interface to customize any of the pre-built page layouts or create your own custom designs from scratch.

Eva has a fashion-friendly design to help your ecommerce store appeal to high-end shoppers.

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Flatsome is a multi-purpose ecommerce template and it’s one of the best-selling WooCommerce WordPress themes available today.

When creating your online shop with WordPress and Flatsome, you get 15 ecommerce stores demos to choose from. Not only that, but there’s also a handful of high-quality business website demos. These business demos can be used to create a corporate, freelancer, and agency websites that can also list products for sale alongside the regular content, using the ecommerce functionality of the Flatsome theme.

When it comes to the ecommerce demos though, Flatsome has pre-built designs for a range of online shops. Whether you’re building a website to sell casual clothing, smart outfits, or sports gear, this flexible theme could be a good match for your project. Whichever demo you do decide on, you can easily import the pre-built content into your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

When you’re setting up your website, you can choose from a varied selection of page layouts regardless of which demo website you’ve picked. You can also use the live page builder tool to customize the designs or build your own. Making site-wide changes like switching the color scheme, adjusting the fonts, or customizing the header and footer areas can all be carried out through a front-end user interface.

Other useful features of Flatsome include a slideshow builder, a live search feature to help your customers find more of your products, a drag-and-drop image grid builder, and smart lazy loading for a faster website. If you want to get some inspiration for your ecommerce website, the Flatsome theme package has examples of real world sites that have been built with this theme.

Flatsome is a feature packed theme that’s only gotten better and more popular since its initial release.

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Sober is a versatile WooCommerce-friendly WordPress theme that can be used to create stores selling a wide range of products.

From tech gear and street wear to homewares and the latest accessories, the 10 Sober website demos are ready to create almost any type of ecommerce store with WordPress. It’s not just homepage layouts that Sober includes but also a selection of different product category page designs, individual product page designs, and blogging and portfolio templates.

As you’d expect from a fully featured WooCommerce theme, Sober gives you enough customization options and tools to repurpose this theme for any other type of products not covered by the demos.

One of those customization tools is the best-selling Visual Composer drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin. Visual Composer is fully compatible with the Sober theme demo content, including all the ecommerce product pages and templates. This helps ensure that you can customize almost every aspect of your site with this intuitive web design tool. The creative capabilities of this theme don’t stop there though. You can also use the live customization controls to tweak your site on the fly. These settings and controls cover site properties such as the fonts, colors, header and footer layouts, and a whole lot more.

When it comes to creating a stylish and functional online shop with WordPress, Sober has all the features you should be looking for.

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Basel is a popular WordPress ecommerce theme that not only includes a drag-and-drop page builder but also countless customization settings and options.

If you’d like the ability to choose from a varied selection of ready-made ecommerce store templates, while still being able to customize those designs to ensure your store has a unique look, Basel could be right for you. Among those pre-built store demos, you can choose between designs for furniture, electronics, fashion, cars, food, and watch related products. There’s also a demo for creating multi-vendor marketplace websites and stores offering digital downloads. If you only have a single product on sale, such as an app or eBook, Basel includes a landing page design that’s ideal for focusing all your efforts on promoting your offer.

As well as selecting a website demo, you can also choose from a number of different header layouts to ensure your store has the right navigation area. There’s also a full set of filtering options for your visitors to use in order to find the products they’re looking for. Color switching of supported products is possible, too, thanks to the color swatches feature. Perhaps even more impressive is the 360-degree product viewer that gives shoppers the ability to rotate items to get a better understanding of them. When it comes to streamlining the checkout experience, the quick shop feature is sure to come in handy. If you want to see this theme and its features in use, be sure to check out the real life examples of stores built with Basel.

Basel should be able to help you build the custom ecommerce store your business demands.

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Savoy features a large homepage slider to help display your best products to your audience.

Thanks to the slideshow builder tool, you can easily add your own products to the demo slider and ensure your visitors never miss out on your best offers. However, as the homepage slider is entirely optional, you can instead choose to greet new arrivals with the full list of products from your store. As your visitors scroll down the page, they have the option of clicking the load more button to instantly reveal even more items from your inventory. Thanks to this, you can display all your products without triggering a single extra page load.

The use of AJAX also reduces page loads in other ways, including via the live search feature and the product quick view. Another useful aspect of Savoy is that your entire site will be fully mobile friendly, ensuring shoppers using their smartphones or tablets can make purchases just as easily as desktop and laptop users.

Although Savoy only has one ecommerce store demo for you to make use of, there are plenty of customization options on offer. This includes not only the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder tool, but also the extensive theme options control panel. Thanks to this, personalizing your site to ensure it matches your brand isn’t a problem with Savoy.

Savoy might not have a library of website demos to rival some of the other themes in this collection, but it can still help you build a high-quality online store with WordPress.

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Gecko has a good set of ecommerce store demos that make this theme well worth checking out.

Thanks to the varied selection of shop demos, Gecko could help you create a store selling items related to fashion, food, furniture, handmade goods, or even digital products and services. While some of the Gecko demos have obviously been designed for a specific purpose, others are more general and could easily be adapted to suit many different types of products.

Furthermore, as this theme was built using the Visual Composer page builder plugin, you can open any of the demo content with this powerful tool and start personalizing it to match your business, brand, or products. As well as using the page builder to customize your layouts, you can also insert any of the many Visual Composer elements to add interesting items to your content. Other ways to personalize the Gecko theme include changing the overall color scheme of your site, switching the fonts, and adjusting the icons.

As well as being built to work seamlessly with the core WooCommerce plugin, Gecko has also been designed to take advantage of many of the most popular add-ons for WooCommerce. Because of this, you can display different color variations of your products, complete with an interactive color switcher. There’s also a currency switcher, a product zoom tool, and a wish list feature to help your visitors save their favorite products for later.

Gecko has a good combination of useful ecommerce features, a solid design, and some eye-catching elements to help keep the attention of your visitors.

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inVogue has a clean and uncluttered design that will let your products take center stage.

Depending on how you set up your website, your ecommerce store could feature a large full-screen slideshow on the homepage. This slider could be used to display a welcome message, a selection of your best products, or any content you like. As the inVogue slideshows are powered by the leading Slider Revolution plugin, you can use this tool to customize the demo sliders or create your own presentations from scratch.

Visual Composer is another creative premium that’s included in the theme package, giving you an easy way to customize the inVogue demo content. As well as using this page builder tool to design your website, you can also adjust its appearance through the theme options control panel when using inVogue. These settings allow you to customize the header layout, including making it sticky and changing the color scheme of your store.

inVogue also has a Mega Menu feature that gives you the ability to display a wide range of content in your drop down menus. Now, no longer will you be limited to simply displaying text links to the other parts of your store. With the inVogue Mega Menus, you can add images to your menu items to make them more attractive to your users. You can also insert large product images into your drop down areas, helping to promote your key items. The Mega Menus are entirely optional and very easy to create with this WooCommerce WordPress theme.

With a well-formed library of homepage and inner page demos as well as pre-built content, inVogue offers a good amount of flexibility.

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XStore aims to be the ultimate WooCommerce WordPress theme and a tool that can help you build any type of online shop.

Part of the strategy for attempting to make XStore the number one ecommerce theme for WordPress includes adding over 50 online shop website demos to the package. These demos have all been designed to a high standard and can be installed into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. When browsing the XStore demos, there’s a high chance that you’ll find one that’s a good match for your project. If not, the Visual Composer website designer tool is included for good measure.

In fact, with XStore you don’t just get access to Visual Composer but also the Massive Addons pack that can help make this already powerful page builder even more useful. Other premium WordPress plugins in the XStore package include the ever-popular Slider Revolution slideshow builder tool and a number of commercial WooCommerce addons. By using these premium ecommerce add-ons, you can add features like a 360-degree product viewer, a social sharing discount code generation tool, product subscriptions, and an easy way to add infinite scroll and quick loading AJAX pagination to your product displays.

Alongside the 50+ ecommerce store demos, XStore is packed with global customization settings. This all makes switching colors, changing fonts, and adjusting layouts very straightforward. Therefore, even if you don’t want to use the page builder tool, you can still create a unique ecommerce shop with XStore and WordPress.

If you need any help along the way, there’s a full set of online documentation and video tutorials to ensure you get the most out of the XStore theme.

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The Retailer

The Retailer uses video backgrounds to great effect, helping your ecommerce store grab the attention of your shoppers.

Although using videos as the background content on your ecommerce store’s homepage is entirely optional, if you do want to use this feature on your shop, The Retailer is set up exactly for this. If you’re unsure of whether this effect would work well with your store, be sure to check out The Retailer demo to see it in action.

When it comes to displaying video backgrounds on your site, you could simply use some impressive stock video footage to display an entertaining montage to your visitors and set the scene for their shopping experience. Alternatively, you could film a video of your products in use. Either way, adding the video content to your site is easy with The Retailer thanks to the theme settings and controls.

The Retailer isn’t just focused on helping you create a good-looking online store. This WordPress theme has lots of useful ecommerce functionality that can help your shop become a success. There are multiple header layouts to choose from, many different ways to display your products, a library of page layouts, and the ability to enable wish lists and create product packages, plus much more. Selling digital downloads is supported just as much as offering physical products and you also have the ability to generate affiliate income by listing products from other retailers at your store.

The Retailer has been created by Get Bowtied, a team that has produced some impressive ecommerce themes for WordPress.

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Merchandiser has been created with simplicity and efficiency in mind and this is reflected in the minimalist design of this theme.

There are many benefits to choosing a theme with a minimal design for your ecommerce store. One is that it simplifies the user experience and makes it easier for your shoppers to find the products they want to buy. Well-coded minimal designs can also load faster than their busy bloated counterparts. Merchandiser is no exception here, with users reportedly seeing impressive loading times for their ecommerce stores. Another benefit is a more streamlined setup process that reduces the time it takes to launch your online shop. However, despite the minimal design, you still get access to all the excellent ecommerce functionality that’s provided by the powerful WooCommerce plugin.

Although Merchandiser does have a minimal design you still get a good amount of pre-built page templates to work with when building your store. There are actually nine different homepage layouts to choose from, including designs that can display lots of products, some that enable you to focus on a single item, and a slider option that makes it easy to display a presentation of images, products, and other content to your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site. There’s also a varied selection of templates for the other pages your store and website will need, including a number of blogging-focused designs.

The minimal design of Merchandiser looks great out of the box, however, the customization options make it easy to add your branding to your online store.

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Aurum is another minimalistic ecommerce theme for WordPress online shops that includes a number of website demos.

All of the individual Aurum demos can be imported into your website in just a few clicks, making this a good theme for anyone who wants to create a fashion, tech, or bookstore with WordPress. There’s also a neutral website design that can be used to launch a store selling a range of different products. You can also use the skin builder feature to create a custom design for your store. As is the norm for the best WooCommerce WordPress themes, all the ecommerce page templates are present and correct, ensuring your website has a uniform look from arrival to checkout.

Aurum has multilingual support via the popular WPML plugin, giving you the option of creating multiple versions of your content in different languages. Your website will also be able to display right to left text if you choose this theme. There’s also a Mega Menu feature to help you enhance your store’s main navigation areas. Due to this, you can easily add images and product photos to your drop down menus, hopefully increasing the chances of your visitors clicking through to the inner pages of your site.

If you want to get a better idea more about how this theme looks when being used on real stores, there’s a showcase of Aurum powered shops on the product page.

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Walker has a neutral design that makes it a great choice for a range of ecommerce stores.

Rather than focusing on specific types of products, the good selection of Walker website demos feature different layouts and designs to help you get the right look for your store.  Whether you’d like to display your best products above the fold on your homepage or lead with a slider showcasing images from your collection, Walker has a design to suit. You’ll also find homepage layouts featuring sidebar menus, product carousels, zoom-enabled sliders, masonry grids, and more traditional ecommerce formats.

All of the Walker homepage and inner page designs are fully responsive to ensure your visitors can shop using any type of modern mobile device. You can also enhance the Walker page designs by inserting any of the ecommerce shortcodes into the layouts. This includes featured products, recent products, and best-selling product displays into your pages. As this theme includes the Visual Composer page builder plugin, you can redesign any of the demo content and change the appearance of the shortcode elements you insert into your designs.

Other elements that you can insert into your store pages via the shortcode library include social sharing buttons, customer testimonials, call to action buttons, interactive banners, and much more. You can also use the non-ecommerce templates and layouts to add a range of other useful pages to your website with the Walker WooCommerce theme.

Walker has a clean and modern design that should work well with a range of different products and audiences.

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North has been a popular WooCommerce WordPress theme for a few years now and continues to remain relevant to this day.

Now with two demos to choose from, North works well with furniture and fashion related stores out of the box. However, thanks to the inclusion of the premium Visual Composer plugin and this theme’s set of customization settings and controls, regardless of the products you’d like to sell online, North could be suitable for your project.

Although North is available for the same price as most other WooCommerce WordPress themes, it also includes $131 worth of premium plugins. As well as Visual Composer, you can also use the Slider Revolution plugin to add slideshows to your store. Another premium plugin in the package is the Table Rate Shipping add-on for WooCommerce. This tool gives you the ability to create pre-defined shipping rates based on the delivery destination, the product size or weight, and other criteria. The WooCommerce PDF Invoice premium add-on gives you the ability to generate invoices for your customers, while the product filter extension helps your visitors find more of the items they’re interested in.

Other useful features of North you might be interested in include the ability to list products in multiple languages and multiple currencies, complete with an optional currency switcher.

North does a good job of combining in a winning design with a competitive set of features and ecommerce add-ons.

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WOWmall is a brand new WooCommerce theme for creating online stores with WordPress.

To help WOWmall stand out in the competitive ecommerce WordPress theme space, this option has an impressive seven homepage layouts. There’s also a library of website skins covering a wide range of products and types of stores. Among the options, you’ll find store designs for selling watches, automobiles and car parts, bathroom fixtures, gadgets, food, and more. There are also eight product listing styles to work with. Some of the WOWmall product layouts include options with and without sidebars, designs with large product images, others with custom header areas, and a lookbook style layout.

There are also three gallery styles to help showcase other image content, plus templates for the important pages your ecommerce website will need. As Visual Composer is included in the package, you can customize all of these designs to ensure they meet your needs. Slider Revolution and the Ultimate Addons pack for Visual Composer are included too.

To help you get started and launch your ecommerce store with as little trouble as possible WOWmall is supported by a library of video tutorials that will walk you through setting up and using this theme. You also get access to six months of support from the theme developers when you purchase WOWmall.

WOWmall is a newly released ecommerce theme that already has an impressive feature list.

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