5 Basic WordPress Tricks You Must Know

WordPress is a very user-friendly place for the newbies. A person with only basic knowledge is also capable of successfully starting and managing his own website without any hassles. To add more to the comfort level of  new WordPress users, here are 5 basic WordPress tricks which you can use every day.

  1. The Toolbar Toggle Option

When you create a page or write a post the options to edit the content are hidden by default. However, you will find a Toolbar Toggle tab on the main toolbar where you have the other options like bold text, italic text etc. By clicking on this tab, you can show/hide some extra very useful tools. Like you can remove formatting from text, change the text type (heading/paragraph), add some custom color to text and much more.

WordPRess Tricks - Toolbar Toggle Option

WordPRess Tricks – Toolbar Toggle Option

  1. Single-Line Break

This one is fairly a very basic trick but useful at times. While editing/creating content in WordPress if you press the enter key it creates a double space by default. A paragraph space in other words. But sometimes you need to squeeze in some sentences right below the previous text line. Pressing SHIFT+ENTER will create a single-line break and will help you in this situation.

  1. Text Mode VS Visual Mode

A lot of times you might fall in a situation wherein you try to paste an HTML code, say from YouTube and the video doesn’t show on the post page. On the top right of your WordPress text editor, you will see a Visual tab and a Text tab. Before pasting your HTML code, make sure your cursor is exactly where you want your (snippet) > then click on the Text tab > paste your HTML snippet  > click on Visual tab > you will see a box in the visual mode instead of your HTML snippet. After publishing and viewing your page this will now play your “YouTube” video or anything else you intended in the first place.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Personally, it’s an awesome feeling to use the mouse as least as possible. The use of keyboard shortcuts comes in very handy for any tool or software. Similarly, there are many common keyboard shortcuts that work perfectly with WordPress. Here’s a list of some useful shortcuts:

WordPress Tricks - Shortcuts

WordPress Tricks – Shortcuts

  1. Quick Edit

The Quick Edit option is a cool option to carry out the basic editing of your posts and pages without actually fully diving into the editing mode. Where to find it? When you click on “Pages” or “Post” in your WordPress dashboard, you see a list of all your posts. If you hover the cursor on a post or page title, a menu will pop up. Click on “Quick Edit”

What all you can do with Quick Edit?

  • In the case of a Post quick edit, you can change the author, choose categories, rename it, add a “slug”, enable or disable comments/pings, password protect a post, and change the status to draft/publish.
  • In the case of a Page, you can change the page layout, the page title, change the author, enable or disable comments and change the page status.

These WordPress tricks are very basic but will be useful to you if you are new to WordPress. There are a lot many other advanced level tricks which we will cover in a different article. So now when you are ready for WordPress with these tricks, check out some fantastic themes that you can select to start your own website.

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