5 Wordpress Mistakes Users Make And How To Avoid Them

Thanks to WordPress, setting a website has become relatively super easy today. People with non-technical backgrounds can also get a website up and running in no time. Although this is a great feature and has been a boon to everyone, this ease sometimes tempts people to jump into starting a website without a second thought. With no proper planning, you may land into a soup in the longer run. In this post we will discuss top 5 WordPress mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Avoiding The Initial Research
There are no major technical barriers in the process of setting up a website through WordPress. This provides you with a lot of additional time to devote towards learning the process of why and how to run your website. WordPress has managed to be the favorite of all by managing a huge pool of freely accessible information from basics to advanced levels. WordPress also has a very strong support team but it’s better to gain at least basic technical knowledge about the platform beforehand.

What To Do?
The internet is flooded with educational resources to enlighten you about the basic technicalities of the platform. Jump onto any and every resource that you come across to hone your skills related to the platform. A few examples :

These are a just a few of them. You can get your hands on many other informative guides.

2. Using A Default Permalink Structure
WordPress does provide a default permalink structure but it’s not necessary that it will be a good fit for you. Most of the amateur WordPress users neglect this feature. However, permalink plays a very strong role in determining the visibility of your website and SEO rankings. A properly structured permalink provides essential info about the contents of the post which can act as an easily memorable bookmark later.


Which one looks better?

What to Do?
Always maintain a customized permalink. Research on understanding what are the best permalink structures and which one suits your website.

3. Using A Poor Theme
Not everything that glitters is gold. Even the prettiest of the themes may not have options and functionality that you need. They might have an over optimized code structure which can cause trouble for the functionality of your website. So, don’t simply pounce on the first good theme that you come across.

What To Do?
Do a complete research on themes before you select the one for yourself. Perform a background check about the author and its credibility. Read the reviews about the theme and analyse the Pros and Cons. Try to know if people enjoy using that particular theme or not. Check if the theme gets updated regularly or not to stay up to date with WordPress. Lastly, get info about the support system provided by the theme developer. Scanning of reviews can provide you this information on whether they have a good quality support or a poor one.

Here are some of the amazing themes that you can purchase – Boson, Ray, LawyerDesk, Rica, and Black & White

4. Not Employing Automated Backups
This is a very amateurish mistake but can cause a lot of pain to you. Back in the days when we use to write in Microsoft Word, all of us would have experienced that pain of losing the work done due to an application crash. The agony and pain are 5 folds when you lose your website due to a technical glitch.

What To Do?
The simplest of the answers is to set up a system backup as soon as you start. There are a lot of tutorials available online which can be used to setup the backup yourself.

5. Not updating WordPress Regularly
Many users tend to refrain from updating their WordPress themes. They have their own set of apprehensions and fears to not click on the update button. However, it is very critical to regularly update WordPress. Every update comes in with important features like security updates, new upgraded features etc. Regularly updating your WordPress theme ensures smooth functioning of your website.

What To Do?
Use the automatic updater option of WordPress from the updates page. This will ease the pain of updating the theme manually. The updates will automatically be downloaded and implemented as soon as they are available.

WordPress is fairly easy and with these tips in mind you can use to it in the best way possible.

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