8 quick tips to Boost your Web Marketing Campaigns

In an ever-competitive business environmental both online and offline, business owners are always on the lookout for ways to maximize profit, by saving time and cutting costs. This has resulted in the surge in demand for ‘marketing hacks’.

Implementing the right strategy at the appropriate time will help you drive your campaigns, without eating into your capital or with the minimal extra expense.
Below, we present eight simple tips to drive and boost your marketing campaign with minimal stress.

Rework and Revise your SEO Strategy

SEO helps your business website rank better in search results by search engines. This not only drives traffic but has the potential for increasing conversions and revenue. Although it may sound cliché, this is a powerful tool to keep you visible in online search results.

With Google constantly changing ranking and search algorithms and updates, your previous SEO strategy can easily become redundant and obsolete.

Periodically go over your SEO and SEO strategy to make sure it is current and relevant. Examine your outlier keywords to see whether or not they’re deserving of the investment. A review will turn up new and relevant keywords, which your SEO can focus on, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

To keep in touch with trending subjects and topics, you can use Google Trends or Google Keyword, planner. This helps you better know your target consumers.

Google’s Keyword Planner helps you find new keywords, compare trends, search volumes and other information relevant to your industry. This keeps you in touch with what’s trending in your business niche. You can also have a look in at keywords which your competition is using.

Keep your evergreen content refreshed

Users are always on the lookout for evergreen content like the definition of specific industry terms that are important, as well as how-to articles. Thus evergreen content is something billed to be relevant for a pretty long time.

Having evergreen content on your site can help boost your SEO and drive traffic for long. It also requires low maintenance cost. Putting out evergreen content can make you a reference point, and a resource hub for your niche.

To be a marketing hack, evergreen content should have a long shelf life, with prioritization for quality and reputable link backs. An eye-catching headline, multiple headers and bullets and excellent material are required. These ingredients drive more traffic with visitors spending more time on your site. This helps rack your SEO points on Google.

Update your old content

Posting new content ever so often is essential for your website. It is equally important to check your old posts to search for those that are still relevant today. Popularity among your readers can be a pointer to relevance. Update and tweak such old posts with new information and repost them. Placing tags such as “Updated” helps readers recognize that these old posts have been edited.

‘Refire’ your campaigns

It is not uncommon that over time, some of your campaigns will lose the first vim and steam they once had. This is where you will need new ideas and inspiration to get them back on track.
To get around this, and have a reservoir of ready ideas and inspiration, a swipe file comes in handy. Create a swipe file and chuck it full of ideas, inspirational content, images, designs, and other materials which align with your brand, and which you can implement at a later date.

Refocus on your target audience

It is easy to lose track of your target audience and initial brand identity if no conscious effort is made. To prevent this, have a periodic review of your posts, ads, marketing tools, and campaigns. Ensure they are relevant to your original core niche. Your core niche is those who will eventually keep you in business. It, therefore, stands to reason that you focus on them.
Also keep an eye out for trends in your target demographic, to better serve and meet their needs, such as migration and more visibility on social media.

Remarket your content

There will be users who visit your website but do not respond to Call to action (CTA) for one reason or the other. It is essential to learn ways to repackage and remarket your content. Remarketing enables you to track users/visitors to your site who made no purchases. It gives them the opportunity to see your products and services on other platforms.
Remarketing works like a second chance at branding your business and tailoring it to users’ needs. It helps users to stay reminded about completing actions they started on your website.
Tools for remarketing include Facebook Remarketing and Google Display Network.

Remember your roots

The original mission and vision of your business should be your guiding light always. These keep you focused and serve as the pivot around which your campaigns revolve.
Being consistent and trustworthy to your original vision stands you out in an already crowded marketplace and helps get your message across easily.

Carryout a review of your blog

It can be quite easy to let your blog waste away while chasing campaigns and other marketing efforts. Ensuring you take out time to periodically but regularly optimize your blog, post new content and update old ones is crucial. These help to keep visitors engaged. Some tips to efficiently run your blog include:

• Keep it up-to-date: Your visitors and Google appreciates new and frequent blog posts. This can significantly boost your SEO.

• Hiring a professional: Keeping up sometimes can be overwhelming. To get around this, it is advisable to hire someone else, preferably a professional to keep this going.

• Make it personal: This helps to connect with your visitors.
With all these, your blog is sure to stand the test of time.


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