9 Websites to Get Free Design Critiques Online

Improving your skills in design and development not only requires constant practice, but it also entails having your work critiqued by more experienced designers, willing to have a look to provide with tips on how to get it right the next time.

There are quite some websites online where you can get honest reviews and critiques for your work. These include social networks and design forums. Here, we list out some sites to get critiques for design projects.


No list would be complete without Reddit on it. It has a large, if not one of the largest online social community. There are numerous subreddits which cater to designers r/design_critiques is a surreptitiously where you can get critiques and feedback.
All you need do is turn in your work for free, sit back wait as the critiques come rolling in. Although there are quite some active users, the activity may fluctuate from time to time. Other useful subreddits include graphic designs and /r/Design


If you’re looking to build your portfolio online, Behance is an excellent resource for you. It has one of the largest user bases in the digital design niche. Interestingly, it is free. Due to the sheer number, getting feedback and critiques may not be as easy.

Designer News

This online design community is similar to Digg with the difference being that it was made for designers. As a social news site, many posts feature external links to new tools or news articles.
Users can, however, post discussion topics and questions with a request for their work to be critiqued. Joining is free, and if your work by chance gets featured on the front page, you’re guaranteed loads of feedback.


This is a digital design Forum that you can look up. The community is close-knit, and threads are strictly checked by moderators which saves you the stress of having to sift through spam. You can join the community and post your work and get replies.


This site is relatively new on the scene and is rapidly growing too. It is set up to provide critiques for design-oriented projects which range from digital design to digital art.
A cursory look at the homepage will reveal the most recent submissions. It was initially set up for digital art so it won’t come as a surprise if you notice most of the latest submissions are related digital art.
Critiquer is reputed for providing in-depth and solid critiques of your design works.

Please Critique Me

This site has the trappings of a blog. It is run by the design and development outfit behind OnWired. You get great critiques that are both detailed and specific when you submit your work. Your attention is drawn to areas that would require improvement.
The site is a great resource for getting quality feedback and Critique on your project. If you go through their archives, you can read up on the critiques of other works. There’s quite a lot to learn just checking out the reviews of designs by other individuals.

Graphic Design Forum

As the name suggests, this is one of the largest forums online that is dedicated to designing. Signing up is free. It boasts a lot of sub-communities that focus on different topics ranging from UI design to digital icons. The Critique sessions are where you’ll get necessary feedback on your work. There are critique sections dedicated to web design as well as graphic design.

UX Mastery Community

Thus online forum in addition to having quite a number of helpful posts on UX and UI design contains different categories page where the feedback section is located. At this section, you can get quality critique for your design project. It is still a growing community with dedicated users who strive to give the best advice to help you improve your design skills.


This exclusive design community is not an all comers affair. Membership is by invite only. A remarkable feature about Dribble is how active it is. You’ll get plenty generic comments and feedback on your work, but you can also get detailed and elaborate critiques if you include it in the description of your post.

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