Best 10 Minimal and Fantastic WooCommerce Themes

Woocommerce has become famous and well known for their excellent work for years, the efficient plugin converts WordPress websites into the engine room of eCommerce. It is expansible and useful for the sales of both digital and physical products.

Another thing to admire about Woocommerce is the flexibility you get when it comes to designing. A WordPress theme is all you require. Using this, you can make a website which operates in every way and as good as most of the big names in eCommerce websites.

This article will concentrate on similar wooCommerce themes that has a hallmark of the simple style. The deployment of clear layout and white layout will assist to attract customers to your commodity, also have features that will supply shoppers with much serviceable functionality.


ione provides a wide range of smooth homepage arrangement and some out of the world directional functionalities. The straight-up mega menus are suitable for shops that have many categories. The shopping cart powered by AJAX implies that shoppers won’t need to exit their present page while adding products to their carts.
You will likewise get a rather super-efficient product filtering powerhouse. Fans picture will appear on your site when connected to Instagram. A child theme, visual composer and the central theme is included.


Depot has a pricy, minimalistic pattern to your e-commerce site. There are about twelve different homepage arrangements to choose from, making it a perfect match for easy identification. The filter can be used on the product listing, and quick look attribute will make shoppers to see everything you have for sale. You will find many design prospects for different product page also. The best part is the revolution slider and visual composer.


Vinero is a multi-use theme which has Woocommerce as one of its themes. . The look is simple but makes an enormous impact; The Large images used to make sure the product take center stage. In vinero, there are WordPress customizers, parallax scrolling, multiple filters/ header style and many page outlooks. It comprises of the evolutional slider, support for the ACFP, and visual composers.


Unero uses AJAX to promote the individual experience like a reliable and effective product filter it is very fast, and aids customers will get exactly what they needed. unero entails the ability to create an image, label swatches and color for products, product videos and product preview and likewise live searches. The theme’s PSD file and visual composer are also included.


Wizestore displays a fantastic pure and classy interface; it has a capacity in which several parts of the theme is being customized. For instance, you can pick from many shops and item page outlook and also a method to construct a custom header layout of your own. Visual composer helps in building complex arrangement without coding, and a lot custom shortcode is present, including the revolution slider.


Rubino gives a high contrast layout and some exceptional functionality. An exception is the product builder; this builder permits you to customize the outlook products page easily. Images, positioning, and title can adjust to what you desire.
Somewhere else, the feature display a 12 homepage outlook, image hotspots and AJAX product filter, allows for communicative images through a plugin.Likewise, you should take a look at the beautiful menus. It comprises of PSD files, Visual composer and Slider revolution.


Mnml is a beautiful minimalistic WordPress theme. The layout is simple and very efficient for displaying product. In it, there are three different homepage outlook, a scrolling effect (parallax) and beautiful newsletter form for signup. The product lookbook allows you to create amazing full-width picture galleries for your products. It comprises of a selection of routine widget and the usual visual composer.


Oasis attributes more than a 9-page interface that skews in the direction of the fashion industries and home industries. Whatever look you pick, the theme is very admiring. The typography is excellent, and color layout accents assist in ushering attention to the precise places.
Applicable extras include product image enlarger, mega menus, product filtering with more advanced filtering and custom samples complete pricey experience when shopping. Revolution slider and visual composer are inclusive.


Franco is a 16+ page outlook is an electronic commerce theme, everyone has an exceptional, admiring look, also in it are fabulous menus product wishlist, product layout and multiple shops and AJAX filtering. It also comprises of store direction functionalities; numerous shortcodes are created to make the quick addition of common layout element. Visual composer slider revolution and the capacity to get through to the PSD files are incorporated into the theme.


Filled with over 12 homepage designs inclusive of a remarkable minimalist outlook that allows customers to get straight to business. In the design, you will find a lot of helpful live search features mega menus and product previews for easy direction. There are also other choices of header styles which include a sticky header. Duplicates of revolution sliders and visual composers are also included.

Trade in style

What you get using the WordPress and wooCommerce are lovely. With the functionality and convenience of the online shops, everyone can reach it quickly. Not to talk about the beautiful outlook and design options like the ones we’ve seen earlier in this article. Make sure your shop has proper management, and you will see why most shopowners now use wooCommerce.

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