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Finding a good WordPress theme can be a true challenge for you. But with the Boson theme, you will see that it’s easier than ever to obtain a very nice and fun website without investing a lot of money or effort. This particular theme is great because it’s suitable for both businesses or regular users alike. It has a drag and drop page builder too, so you are free to customize this in any way you want. Doing that is astonishing and it just brings in front a nice and fun way to modify the experience when needed.

Easy to customize, with multiple page components

Right off the bat, you will notice that Boson is fully responsive and it can be either multi page or single page, depending on your needs. There are also theme admin options, as well as multiple page builder components, around 40 of them, that you can modify in any way you may want.

Wide variety of landing pages and homepages

Around 30 home pages and 6 landing page types can be found in Boson. As a result, it’s pretty easy to find the one you like the most and modify it in any way you want. It looks great, and the fact that it’s responsive does make the entire experience a whole lot better. They also allow you to add blog pages if you want. So, your sites can include portfolios, blogs and whatever you may want.

Lots of fonts and box types

And since you may need to add some boxes too, Boson does make the experience simple. You have either wide or boxed layouts if you prefer. You can also integrate a multitude of fonts and that can make the entire experience a whole lot better as well.

Mobile integration

In order to help you offer a native experience to mobile user, this also integrates a really good and exciting mobile touch support. The grid system is great and you also have WPML support too. As for social media, you can add Flickr and Twitter feeds if you want. The parallax and other animation effects do offer a more interesting visual experience for your users, and the results on their own are rather good too, which is something you will like.

Files are very easy to organize

The files are organized and very well connected, and you can try it out with a demo installation if you enjoy it. The thing to note here is that everything is responsive, it runs and feels great, and the value on its own is very interesting and enjoyable to begin with!


Overall, we found the Boson theme to be a very good one. It has just about all you want from a responsive theme, it runs really well and it does deliver a stellar attention to detail too. They did a very good job when it comes to adding all these features together and it’s the sheer customizability that makes this shine. It really is one of the better options to be had out there, and the attention to detail is unlike anything else out there. Just try it out, it’s very good and well worth your money!

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