Boson Wordpress Theme: 5 Fantastic Features to Look For

There are surely thousands of WordPress themes floating in the market today, but some are certainly cutting out of the clutter and for all the right reasons. Boson WordPress theme is one such fabulous theme which has a list of brilliant features making it one of the most popular themes around. We can talk for the whole day about its significant features, however, in this article we would highlight the top 5 features of this fantastic WordPress theme.

1.Amazing Page Builder
Boson comes with a fabulous drag and drop Page Builder which helps you in creating stunning web pages. The best part is that you need not write a code in order to build these pages. Various designs and layouts can be implemented on the web pages using the Page Builder. It also allows live editing of web pages along with widgets. With 40+ Page Builder components, the Boson theme simplifies the process of building web pages and cuts down the effort to merely a few minutes.

2. Custom Page/ Post Meta settings
Although WordPress works using pages and posts, it doesn’t mean that every page has to be a replica of the same format. Boson provides Post Meta/Advanced Page options in order to customize each page/post and to build visually interesting web pages. The page options allow you to select slider type, layout type, social icons etc. A custom page helps in differentiating the appearance of your web page from regular pages in WordPress.

3. WooCommerce option
The Boson WordPress theme comes with a WooCommerce option which enables you to sell anything and everything in the most beautiful manner. Right from how your e-shop looks to what you sell, it manages everything for you. No matter what you selling and in what quantity you selling, the possibilities are infinite. The integrated WooCommerce is designed as with developers in mind. It’s adaptable, extendable and open source and thus can cater to basic as well as high-end business models.

4. Parallax Effect
Another wonderful feature of this theme is the parallax effect. With the Parallax effect, the background content of your website moves at a different speed than the foreground content. This creates a beautiful visual experience for users. You can easily customise the parallax effect by setting the container elements and other components.

5. 20+ Animation Effects
Boson WordPress theme has more than 20 animation effects to add to the style quotient of your website. Simply choose from the list of effects which includes popular effects like Tada, Swing, Wobble, Wiggle, Pulse,FadeIn etc. and add to the beauty of your website.

There are loads of other features which add to the awesomeness of Boson WordPress theme. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular WordPress theme available in the market today and suits for all scales and versions of businesses. Get your hands on it today itself!

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