Finest Shadows In Web Design

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the most elegant  Implementations of shadows in current web designs.

Drop down Shadows once believed to be obsolete suddenly became even more visually appealing in web design as we move from the skeuomorphism to flat web design. This is because shadows contrast elegantly with the much loved minimal design styles and flat design elements.

Web design experts have found it more intuitive and even easier to create beautiful designs with shadows. With the much love and use of shadows, we believe it wouldn’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Below is a collection of classic web designs using shadows to add elegance and style to the various platforms.

Julian Buehler

To achieve a unique depth effect, the Julian Buehler web designers cleverly integrated 3D shapes with shadows. This gives the model both depths and a kind of “in the round” feel. That combined with reflection provides the website with a stunning look and a round shape that’s almost impossible to find on a flat surface.


On a first look, you’d probably miss the subtle implementation of shadows on the USTWO web design.

USTWO uses subtle shadows and overlapping texts in tandem to create a visually attractive design.


Another magnificent design with shadow can be found on Atolye15. Its simple designs feature the use of shadows against a white background to give an illusion of transparency. The simple design coupled with the subtle use of shadows gives it aesthetically pleasing to use.


Better take the use of shadows up a notch. It makes use of shadows to visually create an illusion of a table on which all the other elements are laid on.


Plasso features an intelligent use of shadows in its design. The method of shadows is very minimal and can only be found on the CTA button and the content cards. This simple use not only gives them a solid feel but also draws users attention to them.

Stripe Sigma

Stripe continues to draw user’s attention to new products with the creative use of shadows in its design. This is achieved by continually varying the deepness of each product shadows.

Small chat

Small chat makes use of lots of white backdrop for its web design with minimal design elements. The method of shadows is also very minimal and straight to the point.

Shadows are added to every products imagery to give it a ‘stand out’ feel as well help differentiate it from other written contents. This simple design offers a unique and compelling landing page.


Scaphold combines the powerful illusion effects of shadows to create a vibrant, colorful website.

Shadows are used around each design item to stimulate the imagination of a table on which all design items are laid out on as well as to give a floating effect to other elements found above those on the imaginary table. This all laid out on a white backdrop provides the website with its stunning looks and appeals.

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