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Why would you opt for a dedicated WooCommerce WordPress theme? Maybe the best thing about using such a theme is that it offers you a much better and more efficient way to promote products and services then sell them online. There are so many ways to promote that stuff you want to sell, and Flipmart definitely helps you achieve those goals without a lot of effort.

Very good for commercial websites

Since this is a WooCommerce theme, it features the exact things you may need from a commercial website. The Flipmart theme is responsive, first and foremost. You don’t want your mobile clients to have a bad experience, and with this theme they don’t have to worry about that. The theme runs great and it really delivers on the promise of being a delightful and high quality theme right from the start.

Integrated currency converter

Flipmart also has a currency converter. So, if you want to sell your stuff online, you will find that the overall experience gets to be a whole lot better because of it. That’s definitely helping you quite a lot, so you should totally take that into consideration.

Multiple homepage variations

As you can imagine, Flipmart does integrate a multitude of different homepage variations. This allows you to create a website that’s different when compared to others created using this platform. The variations are very nice, because you have unique color schemes and just about every piece of the layout can be modified in any way you want. It works great because of that, and it delivers a sense of efficiency that you may need without a lot of hassle and effort.

You can add multiple visuals and extensions

Flipmart enables you to add high quality visuals in here too. This definitely offers you a much better way to enhance your experience and just take things to the next level because of that.

Included here you can also find a lot of extensions. These are extremely helpful and they do bring you that unique set of features you may need from time to time. Flipmart has a lot of templates too. After using these templates, it’s safe to say that it can be a whole lot easier to access all the features you want and it just delivers a wonderful experience because of the entire process.

Outstanding mega menu to make your site stand out

The header styles are nice too, and there is a mega menu that you can use if you want to make your site different as well. I like the fact that they have video tutorials, as this makes the entire process easier to go through and a lot more distinct in the end.


There are lots of things to like about Flipmart. This theme has Multilanguage support, cloud zoom, a very large widget menu and it’s also RTL ready. But the best part is that you can easily customize the theme and just use it in any way you want. The numerous styles and themes give you a great sense of value here and the entire experience on its own is very distinct. Overall, Flipmart is a wonderful WooCommerce WordPress theme!


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