Maxima Multipurpose HTML Theme – 5 Awesome Features You Must Know

The process of designing your dream website has many steps involved in it. As a business owner, you wish to portray every essence of your business into your website as it’s the face of your business. With the introduction of WordPress, the process of developing your website has evolved overnight and is simplified many folds. The WordPress themes allow you to shape your website exactly the way you want to and also provides total control to you. But which are the best themes available out there? The theme market is overcrowded and it’s very important for you to know which themes are the showstoppers and best suits you. Today we will glance through the 5 awesome features of one such amazing WordPress theme which is called Maxima Multipurpose HTML theme.

Maxima has more than 100 multipurpose HTML template pages along with a page builder. It has an impressive functionality which lets you change color schemes, text display, fonts, modify the parameters of elements, embed videos, customize images and a lot more. Maxima is fit for a one-page website and even a multi-page website. Here are some cool features which add to the charm of this theme:


  • 30+ Home Pages


Maxima Multipurpose HTML theme comes with more than 30 home page layouts and options. The layouts are designed based on the nature of different businesses and are fully customizable. This gives you a wide variety and liberty to not restrict your thought behind the dream website. The home page layout ranges from shops, hosting, restaurant, retails, charity, non-profit etc.

  1. Fully responsive themes

Like all great themes, Maxima Multipurpose theme is a fully responsive theme and works on all kind of screen sizes. All the screen resolutions are served through one structure and one code. The elements of the theme adapt themselves automatically according to the screen size of operating devices and provide a universal outlook across all resolutions.

  1. Retina Ready

Right from the age of  iPhone 4, the phenomenon of Retina Ready technology is in limelight. This technology feature helps in the display of high-resolution sharper images by showing more pixels per square inch. Maxima Multipurpose HTML theme serves Retina Ready graphics to help your website display sharper and crisper images along with vivid colors. The user experience is amplified to new levels with this feature.

  1. Clean Design

We bet you wouldn’t have a design cleaner than Maxima Multipurpose theme. It is very crisp, detailed, and cutting edge to provide the best user experience. Not everyone is fond of a complex and highly detailed website. Often flashy colors or a bright sparkling BUY NOW tab repels users. With Maxima you achieve a simple and subtle yet elegant website design.

  1. Multiplatform Mockups

The theme allows seamless universal display across various platforms. It supports all major platforms and that too on a same level of functionality. The cross-platform functionality spares you the trouble of developing separate code structure for different platforms. It uses one single structure for all the platforms making the life of a developer easier.
The list of cool features of Maxima Multipurpose theme does not end here. It has plenty of other mind blowing features like unlimited updates, working forms, valid HTML5 & CSS3, 300+ line icon fonts, used Google fonts, 300 unique sections etc. This theme is an exceptional option if you are looking to start a website for your business or looking to revamp your existing website. 

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