Ray Wordpress Theme Scores The Perfect Landing Page For Your App

If you are looking to build an elegant landing page for your software or app, there’s a perfect solution to do so. Say hello to Ray! It is a multi-platform WordPress theme that lets you design an exquisite landing page to promote your product. Ray is for everyone – for apple, android and windows applications and even personal software or programs. Ray WordPress theme has multiple features which make it a worthy template and undoubtedly the best theme for apps. So what is that makes this WordPress theme so special?

Ray emphasizes on providing an unforgettable user experience by furnishing correct information in the most user-friendly manner. It provides a super friendly feel both to the end user and to the owner of this template. However, providing correct information is just one side of the coin. Touching upon user emotions is the other utmost important factor the theme stresses on. The theme follows a unique approach to details along with engaging elements and contemporary solutions that distinguish this template from the crowd. The template has an impressive recognition factor which makes it very interesting. For sure, your project will not look like just another ordinary template bought from any store and blindly applied. What you get is a high-quality, captivating and modern day product.

Vivid Features

Responsive Design
Ray WordPress theme is a fully responsive theme and thus provides excellent visibility on all sort of devices. Your product looks good on all screen sizes as the elements automatically mold themselves based on screen resolution and size. This helps you to convey your message loud and clear to your users.

Natural and Uncomplicated
There’s no jazzy and unwanted stuff in the template. It helps to cut the clutter so that the user is not misguided in any way. At all times the visitor is led to the main essence of the website. Only information which is essential and needs to be displayed is visible to the user.

Color Schemes
Ray provides a huge array of color schemes and styles to personalize your web pages. It contains ready made CSS files with different color schemes that help in a quick adaptation based on your benchmark style.

The template is fully functional on all the major platforms. This provides liberty to use the same template on various platforms without changing the code or any other elements.

Brilliant Flexibility
No matter how good a template is, there is always a need for alterations and customization in order to get the exact website that one wishes for. Ray WordPress theme comes with fantastic flexibility in terms of all the elements and code. It is equipped with a number of setting options so that you can modify elements according to your requirements.

With a whole list of fantastic features, Ray is definitely a super choice for ones who are all set to launch their elegant apps. Take a Demo today to get familiar with all the offerings provided by this template and get started.

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