5 Things To Consider While Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme

When you talk about choices, there are plenty while looking for an appropriate theme for your website. There are the free ones and the premium paid ones as well. Only when you browse through the big bunch of themes you realize the fact that each one is more appealing than the other in some manner. So how do you choose the best theme for your website? In this article, we will discuss 5 things you must consider while selecting the perfect WordPress theme for your website.

WordPress is built in a way to cater to all kinds of websites. That’s why there are options available for all sorts of businesses. You must choose a theme that complements the content of your website along with the nature of your business. Many WordPress themes have a complex layout and can slow down the page loading speed of your website which is a bane for you. Consider the below-mentioned tips while selecting your theme :

  1. Choose Only Responsive Themes

The mediums of using the internet have changed dramatically over the years. The Internet is being accessed predominantly through small screen sizes (mobiles, tablets etc) today. More than 50% of internet traffic is driven by mobile devices and the number is only going to rise. Almost every other WordPress theme is responsive by default. However, there are still many developers who sell themes which are not responsive. Keep yourself away from these themes.

  1. Supported Plugins

WordPress plugins are the key elements of WordPress that allows you to literally do anything with your website through WordPress. With the help of these plugins, you can monitor the SEO, site content readability, customize the elements and lots of other things to enhance your website. Ensure that the theme you select supports all the necessary plugins. You can fetch the info from the theme developer in case of any doubts.

  1. Browser Compatibility

Your users will access your website from all around the globe and from different browsers. It’s essential that your theme is compatible across all major browsers to provide the same ease of access. The notable themes are mostly coded in a manner to support cross-browser compatibility. However, it’s better to check once before you select the theme. It can be easily checked by performing certain tests. Don’t forget to check different browsers on mobile devices as well.

  1. SEO Friendliness

Your WordPress theme plays a vital role in the site’s SEO friendliness. A charming and alluring theme may still produce poorly coded HTML. This could very well affect your site’s performance on search engines. It could be difficult for beginners to analyse a theme’s source code on their own. That’s the reason why many premium WordPress theme developers will inform you that their pages are SEO optimized. Ensure that the theme you select provides you with a solid foundation for the overall visibility through SEO.

  1. Support Options At The Time Of Need

There is every possibility that you mess up the entire theme for some reason or the other. It could be the code or some other elements. At that time you will require an expert advice and assistance. Going to a third-party in this situation could cost you a fortune. Therefore, having a solid support system from the theme developer is very essential. Most of the free themes lag on this front but the paid premium themes mostly come with a 1 year email support. Always check the support options before you proceed.

These are only the major considerations and are followed by many other considerations like Multi-Lingual Capability, the simplicity of the layout, review and rating options etc. Considering these factors will certainly help you in choosing the perfect WordPress theme that suits your website and business. Here are a few top notch themes from which you can make a choice.

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