How To Start Blogging? Here’s What You Need To Know

Blogging is booming in today’s Digital world and more and more people are taking blogging as a full-time career and business opportunity. There is a huge variety of blogs flooding on the web today. From gossip, food, news, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, entertainment and the list goes on and on. What if one day you wake up and decide to start blogging. The first question to pop into your head will be how to start a blog? You will try to research on the web to find out the answer but the internet is loaded with too much of information about this topic. It’s only going to add to your confusion and dilemma. You might start thinking that it’s way too complicated and drop the whole idea itself. We don’t want you to do so. So, here’s a step by step guide which will help you to kick start your own blog:

  1. Select your blogging platform –

The very first step is to select a platform for your blog. Now if you would have googled a bit about how to start a blog, you surely would have come across WordPress. WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for beginners as well as seasoned bloggers. It is uncomplicated and fairly easy to use blogging platform. WordPress has a huge number of plugins and add-ons which make this platform most popular in the world. It has more than 82 million active users and 48% share of the overall blogging community. WordPress is simply HUGE!

There are a few other players as well in the market like Blogger and Tumblr (half blog). But WordPress is the hands down winner and is highly recommended. It’s fast, comes with a huge number of themes & appearances, and it’s free. Just go for it.

  1. Choose a Free Blog or Paid Blog-

One of the most important decision is to choose between a free blog and a paid blog. All the aforementioned platforms do provide free blogging options but there are limitations in the free version.

Limitations of a free blog –

You don’t get your own domain name. Your web URL will look something like this- which is not so pretty to the eyes.

The free version comes with a lot of limitations. You aren’t allowed to upload all the videos and images that you wish to upload. The access to unlimited themes is also restricted.

You operate your blog but technically you don’t own it. The authority of the blog remains with the platform and they have a right to permanently delete your work at any given point of time

Whereas on the other side, you are the real owner of your own blog when you choose the self-hosted blog with your own domain name. You can name your blog as per your wish with any prefix like .com,, .net etc. You get access to all the themes available on the platforms and there is no restriction on your uploads in terms of images and videos.

  1. Get your domain and buy the hosting package –

A domain name is the identity of your blog. In simple words, it’s the web address for your blog (like,, There are plenty of websites where you can buy a domain name by paying the price attached to that particular domain name. The price of a domain is completely variable.

Once you get your domain name you need to buy hosting service in order to make your blog live and functional. The hosting company saves your blog at one place and shows your blog to everyone.

  1. Integrate WordPress and design your blog –

After purchasing a domain name and hosting services, you can install WordPress for your blog. It’s a simple one-click process and WordPress gets automatically installed. Now the fun begins! You can start personalizing and designing your blog. Either you select a free theme from WordPress or can buy some fantastic themes from Us. There are some awesome themes available on our website that you can choose from. These themes come with loads of fantastic options which allow you to modify your website exactly the way you want it.

So that’s about it. You are all set to rock on the blogging stage. The content of your blog is the king and will decide the popularity of your blog. However, the appearance of your blog also matters a lot. Also, more the options you have in your theme, more would be the overall impact of your blog. Thus selecting the best theme is very important. With these steps and tips in mind, you are all set to start blogging now.

Happy Blogging!

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