The Top 10 Free Icon Fonts Web Designs

Icon fonts have so increased in popularity over time; they’re almost indispensable for Web designers. Icon fonts provide versatility and come in a vast range of graphics varieties. They can be embedded into sites as well as displayed despite the visitor’s operating system.

Icon fonts are either offered free or come at a fee. Here, we make a list of some of the top 10 free icon fonts available.

1. Octicons

Github recently released this icon pack. It is currently in its version 5.0 and features dozens of icons. The icons according to Github, are monospaced, meaning that every character has its own width. The icons are simple to use and function across any interface. It is noted for its simplicity, lightweight and great support from the designers.

2. Zondicons

This free icon font makes for an easy addition to your website. They however do not have an update archive as Github does not host them. The demo page however, allows you to see examples in addition to the CSS class needed to get them to work seamlessly. This Web font is recommended for individuals who enjoy simple designs. They’re easy to use and blend in quite well with the site.

3. Captain Icon

This beautiful and clean icon pack is hosted on Github. It comes with Web fonts and vector files. The unique design and style stands it out. Not forgetting each icon is hand drawn. They stand out due to these unique features.
It is best deployed on sites with a creative theme.

4. IcoMoon

The parent company has on offer 2 free icon sets. The first consists of solid, round and colors icon fonts, while the second set is made up of line-based fonts and comes with a separate name – Linearicon. Both look awesome with San serif or serif fonts.

These vector-based icons come with simple outlines and corners that are rounded. There are over 330 unique icons to choose from. Hosted on Github, this free set of icons enables designers to easily spice up the site’s content. A key advantage is that with a little adjustment, and bits of coding, you can get it to work on ios operating system.

6. Ionicon

Offering over 709 fonts, this company prides itself as the place for fonts that are 100% free and open source. They’re a favorite of native developers and is a popular choice for web-to-mobile apps. They’re available and free on Github. They blend well with almost any font. A significant benefit is the ease with which it can be set up and navigated once you get the hang of it.

7. Devicons

For tech branding and logos, this relatively newer Web font is Excellent. It covers almost all the major tech players from the older ones to more recent ones. It is uniquely suited to sites with a preference for vector tech logos. And what’s more, it’s totally free.

8. Font Awesome

This is like the Holy grail of Web font icons especially for a wide variety of Web designs. Having been around for quite a while, it prides itself as perhaps the first big open source icon font out there. Updates are frequent and available.
Icons are easy to maintain and are entirely scalable directly in CSS. With CSS 3, you can make adjustments to virtually anything. Its Longevity means it will be around for quite a while.

9. Glyphicons

Thus blends in seamlessly with any font. They also fit well on Apple interfaces. Although it has paid option, there is also a free set of over 600 fonts.

10. Entypo

Thus icon family has been around for some time. The icons are excellent and top-notch. New icons are included from time to time and are easily accessible. To reduce the overall file size, the font comes in 2 packs – main and social, to enable you to choose which you prefer. It boasts over 400 icons. It is also easy to install and customize.
There are many more beautiful icon packs out there, which are free. However, the above-listed ones have been carefully picked to save you the hassle.



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