Beautiful Implementations of Material Design

Mobile designs took a whole new turn in 2014 when Google introduced Material Design. Material Design is a design system which focuses on creating intuitive mobile apps using grid-based layouts, transition effects, and depths. With the introduction of this system, mobile designers can create stunning apps up to the standard of IOS.

With material design, there’s absolutely no limit to what a designer can make. Designers over the years have created stunning designs with this simple tool, and most still believe the design possibilities of material design is far from exhaustive as more and better ways of tweaking and making better designs keeps popping up.

We’ve provided a few examples of what can be done with mobile design; this is just a few examples, there’s absolutely no limit to what you can do with mobile design, all you need is a little creativity and inspiration.


Combining the basis of material design – card-based layouts and depths, housing created a mobile platform that’s both intuitive and visually appealing.


Schedule created an even more stunning platform by integrating a few interactive features and visual appeal to the card-based platform used by housing.

Schedule added a calendar to the card-based layout as well as a graphical representation of check-in all laid out on a contrasting shade of blue. That, coupled with the bright yellow button gives you a unique platform that’s both intuitive and user-friendly.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live app is another that shows the design possibilities of Material Design. By using light shadows instead of dark ones, Facebook presents a Design that’s unique and futuristic.

Facebook pushed further into material design using its various hidden potentials like smooth animation, iconography and interaction, all which increases user’s ease of interaction with the platform.


GrabOn recently gave a new face and visual appeal to its Android app using rich design features from Material Design.

The redesign features the abundant use of depth, beautiful iconography and imagery, all laid on a sleek card-based element. It pushed Material Design further using ample material buttons and active components.


Monzo is another app that shows the potentials of Material Design.

It features the rich us of material languages like depth, padding, sleek layouts, typography while incorporating Monzo logos and branding in forms of icons and colors. Monzo with its simple designs bothers on usability and interactivity.

The above are just a few of the endless design possibilities with Material Design. We look forward to more astonishing designs as designers gain more insight into the potential of this language.

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